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MODX Content Management System

Take Command Of Your Fleet

Need a powerful CMS thats easy to use, scalable, fast and secure? Discover why MODX is the perfect fit for your content management requirements.

Easily Make Updates

Your website should be a living, breathing part of your day-to-day operations. Think of it like the display window of your business, only instead of reimagining it once a month and spending all night redecorating and making up the mannequins, you can make quick, smart, creative adjustments almost instantaneously.

We love MODX so much that we use it to power our own site.

Crop & Scale Images

Crop & scale images directly within the MODX CMS. No need for a separate application or multiple steps. You can even drag images directly from your desktop. Your images will also be automagically optimized for a small file size and rapid page load.

Insert Videos

Easily embed videos right in MODX. No need for a separate application or multiple steps. You can simply paste a YouTube or Vimeo video snippet right into your content.


it is not a blog trying to power a website. It's a CMS which can be a blog, a website, an intranet, a web app, an online store. If it can be imagined, we can build it in MODX.

Mistake? We Have You Covered!

MODX CMS will save a past version every time you save your changes. This means if you make a mistake on a page change and do not realize it until a week later, you can one click restore to a previous version.

Search Engine Domination

Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) has changed a lot recently, and it will continue to change. MODX gives you 100% control over output. It takes minutes to build a site that performs amazingly well in Google search. Our comprehensive SEO add-ons help you manage your efforts and making changes is just a few clicks away.


MODX is designed with security in mind. Every input is filtered and every database query guarded. Continuous security audits and upgrades are included with all of our websites and ensure you get fast access to any security patches that may arise.

100% Open Source

With over 2,000,000 downloads, MODX powers hundreds of thousands of websites globally. Website owners enjoy the benefits of a thriving Open Source product, with the assurance of our stellar support. But this means that other developers can work on your system down the road, should that need arise. Everything that Eternity designs is 100% owned by our clients.

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