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The Future Of Web - Mobile Responsive Design

July 22, 2013 by Mike Lannen
Tags: Design

Earlier this year, named 2013 the Year of Responsive Web Design. And rightly so, as businesses struggle to ensure that their websites can be viewed on the huge (and exponentially growing) number of handheld and tablet devices in use by their customers and prospects.

The benefits of responsive websites go beyond the browser / device compatibility issue. According to Search Engine Watch, responsive design can also have great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefit, making it a crucial component in your online marketing and search optimization plans. At Eternity Web, we’ve been building responsive websites since 2012, and all our sites designed and developed in 2013 adhere to responsive web design practices.

The essence of responsive design is that our website code determines the layout, images, and content seen on various devices automatically, seamlessly serving the appropriate visual display to the web-enabled device in question.

Other ways Eternity Web’s responsive web design will benefit you include:

Growing Market Share – Tablet sales are expected to reach 100 million this year, smartphones are ubiquitous, and web-enabled notebooks are on the rise. Designing your site to responsively adapt to all those browsers and resolutions means not missing out on prospects who rely on mobility for their web usage. You can expect your website traffic from mobile devices from an average of 25 – 30% to increase to 50% in the coming year.

Responsive Makes Your Life Easier – Eternity Web’s responsive design unifies your entire web presence under a single website, the benefit of which is to free you from worrying about the costs of running different websites for desktop and mobile, as was necessary in the past, and from the bane of keeping content updated on multiple outlets.

Google Recommends It! – Two-thirds of all web searches are conducted on Google. Other search engines follow its lead. In evaluating websites, Google includes responsiveness in its algorithm, thereby giving a distinct advantage to responsive sites for clicks from Google searches.

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