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Ogee's Products Approved by Vanity Fair

October 05, 2016 by Mike Lannen

Ogee, our recent superstar client that's making waves in Vermont and beyond, has recently launched its line of natural and organic skincare products.  Among its ling list of great news of late is their announcement that has included Ogee's Sculpted Lip Oil and Seeds of Youth™ Serum in a story titled, "Sustainable Beauty and Celebrity: A natural feast from Earth to skin."  View the article here. 

We particularly loved this quote: "There are also new kids on the block that you shouldn’t miss, like Ogee, whose Sculpted Lip Oil and Seeds of Youth Serum have been Vanity Fair–tested and very much approved..."

See the Ogee website, and even purchase some youth-enhancing lotions while you;re there: 

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