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LinkMatch Is the Perfect Match for LinkedIn

August 26, 2018 by Eternity

As a small business owner you probably already know the struggle involved with managing all the entries in your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software like Pipedrive. It can take hours to match the information in your database with that of your many prospects on LinkedIn. But all that could be a thing of the past with LinkMatch.

What is LinkMatch?

LinkMatch is a Google Chrome extension for LinkedIn which you can add to your browser that allows you to see the candidates you come across on LinkedIn who are already in your CRM database.

When you come across somebody already in your database, a tick in a small green circle will appear at the end of their names once you have installed LinkMatch.

Benefits of LinkMatch

The primary benefit of LinkMatch is that it saves you valuable time since you no longer have to copy and paste details back and forth from LinkedIn to your CRM database. And this time saving is achieved in the most elegant way possible: once you come across a candidate with a green tick  simply click on the tick next to their name and a popup window will appear that includes all the fields of a contact in your CRM database. You can then update the information as necessary with the LinkMatch extension by clicking “Save Changes” to apply any changes you make to your CRM database without you having to manually log in to make the changes yourself. 

This could save you a great many hours and free you up to do other things that are important to your business. More efficient use of your time will also help you generate more leads, bump up your conversion rate, and increase the efficiency of your business operations over all.

Features of LinkMatch

LinkMatch comes with a number of features that allow it to be such an asset to users. These include: matching, saving, and updating.

Matching allows you to:

  • Instantly see which LinkedIn profiles already exist in your CRM and which are not.
  • Easily view existing profiles and edit related information like Activities, Notes, and so on.
  • Either hide, show, or rearrange existing fields as you see fit.

Saving allows you to:

  • Save LinkedIn profiles to your CRM database.
  • Choose how you want LinkedIn profile data to be saved in your CRM database.

Updating allows you to:

  • Synchronize any information updates with your CRM whenever they are made.

How to Set Up LinkMatch

Setting up is easy, just follow these steps with Pipedrive or your favorite supported CRM:

  • Go to LinkMatch for Pipedrive
  • Add the extension to your browser and an options page will immediately pop up in another tab
  • Type in your Pipedrive email
  • Click on Get API key and a new tab will open up
  • Copy the API key and paste it in the appropriate or indicated space in your options page in step 2 

Once you have input the API key

  • Click “Authorize”
  • Refresh your LinkedIn page

After installing, you should see green ticks or red crosses against names which are already in your database and those which are not respectively.

At that point you are all set to take your customer relationship management to the next level with LinkMatch.

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