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It’s always been usual practice to emphasize more of your SEO resources towards generating organic traffic for your website, instead of paid traffic. It made sense since organic search links were attracting 70% of the clicks.
Every web developer worth his salt knows that a web development project might entail more pitfalls than are apparent at the beginning. Whether it’s during the development process or the during the crucial maintenance period afterwards, you never know when there might be a hiccup.
So you’re taking the big step, pushing your fears aside to finally start that business you’ve always wanted. You’ve read all the blog posts, listened to a plethora of podcasts, and consulted your lucky stars.
Search engines are constantly improving and updating their search algorithms in order to give searchers the best user experience possible. Let’s face it, the world of SEO will forever be a changing landscape.
Hang around a business person long enough, and you are bound to hear the term ROI at least once.…
Google is making additional strides in their drive to make the web a safer place, and come October 2017, there will be two more situations where Google’s Chrome browser will show a security warning to visitors on a website.
The benefits of popups are well known to those who run websites. Among other things, these popups can help you get emails, present important information in front of readers which they might easily have missed like information about an ongoing promotion, and also kick start conversations that might solve the reader’s problems.
The secret sauce to good business is relationships—especially when dealing with service providers.For certain high-level services, such as those provided by your lawyer, therapist or your accountant, you may consider keeping them on a retainer.
As with everything that has to do with computers, the world of web development and design is ever evolving. DIY websites are becoming easier to use, cheaper to set up, and offering more services than ever before.
Setting up a website can be a lot of work. It takes an even greater amount of effort to be successful at it. Whatever the metric by which you define success, one factor remains unchanging: you need traffic…lots of it.

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