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In the past several months, many Vermont businesses (including some of our clients) have become…
Matthew Barby, the "learn SEO from a Pro" guy, has provided us all with an invaluable service…
If you’re reading this blog post, then you probably already know that live chat is a system that enables you to chat with visitors of your website in real time.
A lot of news has been made about Google's Panda algorithm update, which rolled out over the…
Receiving a return on your investment is always a goal no matter what the medium. At Eternity, it is our number one priority with every project we take on.
On-page SEO is no longer a simple matter of checking things off a list. There's more complexity to this process in 2016 than ever before.
As we review our clients' websites to see how trends are shaping up so far in 2016, a big area of focus, of course, is on organic SEO.
Drowning in the sea of content? You're not alone. Site quality is factored heavily in search ranking. After the Panda update, a large number of websites with low-quality content took a huge hit.
The only way to win at the game of web design is to get your web designer involved any time there might need to be a design decision. That's right, any time.
Today, a website is the first place potential customers and partners come to when they want to know more about your business.

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