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Is your website ADA compliant? Do you know what ADA means? If you answered "No" to either of these questions, sit back, relax, and let us share some of our ADA expertise with you.
Meghan Richards is our new hire and our Content Specialist at Eternity Web. She is here to help you take your website and social media content to a new level. Inquire today to work with her.
We at Eternity are proud to have again earned the recognition of our peers and colleagues in…
If you’ve owned a website or run a blog with a registered domain name for long enough, you may have received several seemingly credible invoices by mail or another medium, asking for several hundred dollars for domain renewal. It’s time you learned how to identify scams that target domain owners by asking them to pay for fake domain renewals.
With business coming in faster than a rocketship, it was time for Eternity to expand its payroll docket to include a Customer Support Specialist. Jacqui Phaneuf has joined the crew as of the end of May.
Vermont is well known for being one of the most environmentally friendly states to live in within the US. Many Vermont small businesses choose to adopt this green culture into their businesses practices, and Eternity is one among these such businesses.
We at Eternity are proud to have earned the recognition of our peers and colleagues in the Vermont…
In an exciting turn of events coming out of our years-long relationship with the Vermont Ski…
It’s probably already happened to you before. You’re sitting in your living room, grateful for the weekend rest and relishing the chance at some much needed relaxation, when you hear your phone ping in your pocket.
What’s the biggest fear in the world? No, it’s not the fear of snakes, neither is it the fear of spiders. It’s not even the fear of spider-snakes—if such a thing actually exists. The biggest fear in the world is much worse. It is the fear of separation from your mobile phone!
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