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We’ve all seen the hamburger icon before. In fact, it’s so common on our screens today, that most of us don’t even give it much thought when we use it.
If you learned how to type on a typewriter, then what you’re about to hear is going to sound strange to you: Stick to one space after a period-or any other end punctuation for that matter.
We live in the age of DIY and will probably continue to do so for as long as one-size-fits-all model solutions hold valid for the majority of people. This trend can be seen even in the field of web design.
If you’ve spent any amount of time in online marketing and web design, you would most surely have come across the term ‘above the fold’.
Like many municipalities, the City of Barre's website was a mess.  It had been handed from one…
Another major ux/ui overhaul for one of Google's children.
You've seen it across the family of Google Apps and your favorite web developer's site (*cough* Eternity) but now Material Design has reached our beloved YouTube.
Design Facts is an amazing site to get lost in if you are interested in historic facts about design, trends and logos. We really recommend checking it out. You might learn something fun!
Since Eternity Web was founded by Mike Lannen in 2000 in his college dorm room, we've been crafting…
Whether a website is being viewed on a phone or computer, or being browsed with a mouse or touchscreen, it should look and function properly.

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