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Eternity Welcomes Our Customer Support Specialist—Jacqui!

June 14, 2018 by Eternity

With business coming in faster than a rocketship, it was time for Eternity to expand its payroll docket to include a Customer Support Specialist. Jacqui Phaneuf has joined the crew as of the end of May.

At 5’8”, Jacqui is a whole lotta silly packed into a deceptively tame-looking exterior. In between cracking either punny dad jokes or dirty jokes (very opposite ends of the comedy spectrum, we know. We’re just as confused as you are!) and mainlining non-dairy lattes, this young whipper snapper works to streamline office communication patterns with clients and help move projects forward so we can keep giving our clients the best possible experience with us.

How We Met Jacqui

We met Jacqui when attending a networking event earlier this year. Craig and Mike knew quickly that she was just the right amount of weird to add an interesting dynamic to the office without making her coworkers want to call in sick every other day. (Weirdness is like mercury—only safe in low doses.)


Graduating in 2015 with a double degree in Political Science and International Studies and a Minor in Sustainability Studies from SUNY at Oswego, she moved to Burlington in hopes of finding a sustainability-related job while living in a town she’s always loved. Having grown up right across the lake in NY, she always loved the rare occasions that she could come to Burlington with her family and explore downtown.

What Jacqui Brings To The Crew

Jacqui doesn’t have any prior experience working in the tech industry; on the contrary, technology has always been a sort of handicap of hers, and a large part of her desire for this position is that she’d like to nip her luddite status in the bud and add some great skills to her resume. What she lacks in formal tech-related skills and know-how she makes up for in her personality and ability to talk to and connect with people from all walks of life. This raw quality makes her an excellent option for a people-centered position in a field that can sometimes lose sight of the people behind the computer screens. Her communication, writing, and multitasking skills make her a perfect middle(wo)man to bridge the gap between clients and Mission Control staff.

A Little About Who Jacqui Is

She’s bringing quirky back with her starter pack of hipster yuppie tree-hugging which includes (but is not limited to) stainless steel straws, reusable grocery bags, mason jars for no reason, pithy coffee mugs and lots of kale, just… everywhere. So strap in folks because it’s going to be a bumpy ride filled with puns, weird faces, awkwardly long-winded stories that rival your grandfather’s, and a healthy dose of ecofeminism for good measure.

In her free time, you can find her mixing up mind-blowing mead cocktails at a local mead hall, volunteering with local environmental non-profits, exploring the Burlington area, traveling when she can, testing out different homemade bread recipes, and crazy cat lady-ing it up with her two cats, Stella and Luna. Just remember: there’s no crying in baseball, kittens.

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