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Eternity welcomes its new summer intern, Kolby Kruger!

July 12, 2016 by Eternity

Kolby Kruger grew up in Colchester, Vermont. He has a girlfriend that he met in New Zealand, a younger sister, as well as two cats named Nacho and Salsa. His favorite activities are skiing during the winters, sailing during the other seasons, and generally anything outside. Besides the outdoors, Kolby enjoys the usual TV shows, as well as the ever evolving field of technology. Last summer, Kolby researched, purchased, and assembled his own computer as a pet project.

Kolby has always been a creative person, which allows him to mesh well with website development. Originally attending college for architecture, Kolby stumbled upon the design and development of the web at the Community College of Vermont. Realizing this was what he really wanted to do in life, Kolby transferred into the University of Vermont and started pursuing a Bachelor's degree in computer science. He really enjoys the creative freedom that website design and development allows, as he can take an idea in his head and utilize it in a design that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

So far, Kolby is really enjoying Eternity's workplace environment, its employees (and boss), and he says he is learning a ton!

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