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Foxycart + MODX = Mission Accomplished

Whether you’re trying to sell a product or a service, there’s a chance your website may need a feature-rich online storefront that allows your visitors to quickly and easily complete online purchases from your business and leave happy.

We use the revolutionary hosted shopping cart solution called Foxycart to make this happen. Combined with the power of the MODX CMS, it is a force to be reckoned with. This means that you won’t need to learn two separate systems to manage your website and your store.

Easy Management

Foxycart allows the manager of any business, from the smallest start-ups to corporate giants, to easily manage a feature-rich online store system themselves without having to outsource the job to someone else. 

Anyone with basic computer skills can learn to manage your Foxycart system after about an hour of training from our helpful, friendly, and foxy staff.

Foxycart gives your business incomparable flexibility when it comes to product management, marketing, payments, and other business tools.

Payment Gateways

With support for over 70 different payment gateways and alternate payment methods (, PayPal, Stripe), setting up your payment options is a breeze. View the complete supported list.

Coupons + Discounts

Create coupons to give to your customers. Configure the discount type, usage settings product categories it applies to, and more.

Quickbooks Order Syncing + Inventory Control

Save time and eliminate data entry errors using our FoxyCart + QuickBooks integration. Our FoxyCart + QuickBooks integration automatically pushes customers, items, orders, order details (shipping and billing address, what was purchased, how many were purchased, options like colors and sizes, etc.), and payment details from FoxyCart to QuickBooks.

Order Management, Shipping Labels, Tracking Numbers

Order Desk has all the tools and automation you need to make running your online business a breeze. Sort your orders into folders to keep track of the status of each order. See your order overview at a glance. Create custom folders to match your business’ workflow. Customize each folder’s columns to see the details you want. Need to change a shipping address? Make a refund? Print a customizable packing slip? Email a tracking number? Hold an order for review? Order Desk makes this easy.

Shipping & Handling

Live rates, flat rates, local pickup, and free shipping. It's included for all the major players (UPS, USPS, FEDEX). Plus the flexibility for special rates based on weight, price, product, etc.


Configure an unlimited number of tax rates for different regions. You can also have taxes for U.S. customers automatically calculated.

Fast One-Page Checkout

Our checkout process is one of the fastest in the industry: real-time address validation, real-time shipping and tax calculations, modify or remove cart items from checkout, and more.

Security + PCI DSS Compliance

FoxyCart carries the PCI compliance burden so you don't have to. They are a Level 1 Service Provider, which is the highest level of PCI compliance and certification.

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