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Kolby Kruger grew up in Colchester, Vermont. He has a girlfriend that he met in New Zealand, a younger sister, as well as two cats named Nacho and Salsa.
Another major ux/ui overhaul for one of Google's children.
Curious about your internet speed? Netflix has a new tool to help you track it.
A big part of what we do at Eternity is to give advice to our clients, and to our prospects before…
We are so incredibly proud to have been selected as the new web partner for Home Share Now located in Barre, VT.
Our client and favorite coffee shop in the world, Espresso Bueno, was in the local news this week. Way to go Elizabeth and crew!
As we review our clients' websites to see how trends are shaping up so far in 2016, a big area of focus, of course, is on organic SEO.
You've seen it across the family of Google Apps and your favorite web developer's site (*cough* Eternity) but now Material Design has reached our beloved YouTube.
Drowning in the sea of content? You're not alone. Site quality is factored heavily in search ranking. After the Panda update, a large number of websites with low-quality content took a huge hit.