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Responsive web design provides a seamless cross-device experience, which both users and the search engines prefer. However, many websites today are still not responsive.
Just since the turn of the calendar year to 2014 three short weeks ago, we have fielded no fewer than a dozen calls from prospective new clients and many more from existing clients asking some familiar questions
CMS Critic announced last week that MODX is the People's Choice Winner for Best Open Source CMS in CMS Critic's, Critic's Choice Awards.
Enter Google. The data and software giant launched "?Project Shield" in late October to help protect small websites stay online during DoS attacks.
Of all the forms of non-verbal communication, color is by far the most instantaneous method of conveying messaging and its meaning.
"Just wanted you to know that we are getting phenomenal feedback from your site design for Everybody who logs on - after spending a few minutes in the forest laughing with sheer design."
Many business owners, executives, and small-business professionals don't understand the difference between paid search and "organic" search, and as the Internet becomes the primary marketing vehicle for nearly every business.
You've probably noticed the trend in the past few years in website and software design where websites and apps look "simpler" than they used to. There is a definite movement in website design away from "3-D" design to more flat design techniques. asked a panel of 13 successful entrepreneurs to share their best advice for generating…