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So you’re taking the big step, pushing your fears aside to finally start that business you’ve always wanted. You’ve read all the blog posts, listened to a plethora of podcasts, and consulted your lucky stars.
Search engines are constantly improving and updating their search algorithms in order to give searchers the best user experience possible. Let’s face it, the world of SEO will forever be a changing landscape.
Hang around a business person long enough, and you are bound to hear the term ROI at least once.…
Google is making additional strides in their drive to make the web a safer place, and come October 2017, there will be two more situations where Google’s Chrome browser will show a security warning to visitors on a website.
Your audience should be your number one source for your content ideas, and this remains true with video content. What is your target audience saying? What do they want to see? What are those things which are important to your audience?
You might be wondering what it means to make your website ADA compliant. What does it mean? And why should you even bother with it?
If you’ve been thinking about getting a website for yourself or your business, then it’s likely that you have already come across the term: Content Management System or CMS.
Okay, so you’ve probably wondered why your mouse cursor is tilted at a forty-five-degree angle towards the left. Or maybe you haven’t. The mouse cursor is one of those things that have been a part of the landscape so long that most people tend not to think much about them.
Possibly spoilt and definitely more pampered than any other generation before theirs, Millennials have baffled marketers for years. Seemingly, they are immune to traditional models of marketing and advertising.