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One of the coolest things about the old sci-fi movies was the way the characters could simply command a computer to do pretty much anything using only their voices. “Computer... bring up the coordinates for our destination.”
As humans become ever more merged with their tech and devices, the need to keep your communications human has never been higher. Remember the familiar smile that greets you when you show up at the local grocery store? Or the fact that you don’t have to introduce yourself to your local hair stylist?
We at Eternity are proud to have earned the recognition of our peers and colleagues in the Vermont…
A photo says a thousand words, and this is even more true on the web. But you can’t just go around…
You should redesign your website every few years or so to keep it from going stale and obsolete. That idea reads smoothly on paper, doesn’t it? But the reality can actually be a lot messier.
Like every journey, your SEO campaign has a higher likelihood for success if you begin on sure footing. Hence this list of 5 SEO techniques that will send you rising through the ranks and gaining all the traffic you need in 2018.
Landing pages are considered one of the most critical elements of a digital marketing campaign…but what is a landing page? And why are they so important?
Repetitive tasks have a way of tying you down and restricting you to working in your business rather than on it. That’s why automation is so important.
Gone are the days of simply relying on traditional media like radio, tv and print to promote your business and attract customers. While those channels can still be effective, they are simply not enough on their own.