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The aesthetics of the Internet have changed quite dramatically over the past 20 years, and sometimes it is easy to forget just how much.
Our favorite local marmalade makers have been featured in the Boston Globe.
It seems every where we look now, one of our clients is being featured in the media. Our client Fontaine Bros was recently featured on
Connor Contracting and Energy Smart of Vermont Honored for Energy-Saving Buildings for Capital Candy.
Our favorite local candy makers were the focus of this great write-up in the local indy news weekly.
One of the website design elements that comes up in discussion a lot at Eternity Web is the homepage carousel, or slideshow, or "hero" image slider.
The only way to win at the game of web design is to get your web designer involved any time there might need to be a design decision. That's right, any time.
Today, a website is the first place potential customers and partners come to when they want to know more about your business.
If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times…Keep It Simple! Seriously, you don’t want to make visitors to your site work too hard for what they want.