About Eternity

Your website should be your best ROI.

We are absolutely crazy about crafting digital experiences here in Burlington, Vermont that balance beauty with utility and successfully connect you to your audience.Your website should be your best business investment, not an expense. Our award winning crew’s primary goal is to ensure that investment has a huge return.

Our Crew

Mike Lannen
Mike is on a mission to make the web a better place. He develops a close relationship with all clients to craft a stunning design that uniquely represents each business he works with. When not at work, he can be found spending time with his wife and daughters.
Mike Lannen
Founder + Creative Director
Mollie Lannen
Mollie handles all aspects of accounting, financial planning and HR. When she is not crunching numbers and keeping a keen eye on the future of Eternity, she runs CW Print + Design, which handles our printing needs. She likes to spend time with her husband and daughter.
Mollie Lannen
Rob Liberty
Rob has an artists heart and a coders brain. He can turn a spark of an idea into a web masterpiece on the canvas known as the internet. When he's not not building top-notch websites, this Eternity crew member enjoys board games with friends and tacos.
Rob Liberty
Project Manager, Designer + Developer
Carlos Garza
An integral crew member of the Eternity team, Carlos provides the expert programming knowledge and guidance needed for all projects. His vast skills and experience ensure that all our websites are cutting edge. When Carlos is not programming, you can find him hiking and running.
Carlos Garza
Developer + Google Specialist
Kolby Kruger
Kolby was initially hired as the summer intern, and has now been brought on as a Front End Designer + Developer. When Kolby is not working, he spends his time outdoors either sailing or skiing.
Kolby Kruger
Project Manager, Designer + Developer
Digital Specialist Wanted
We will shortly be looking for a Digital Specialist, SEM to join our crew. The role of requires being passionate about digital strategy, social media, analysis and reporting.
Digital Specialist Wanted
AdWords & PPC Guru
Intern Wanted
We will shortly be looking for an intern to join our crew. They must be eager to learn and will be trained on all aspects from web design, programming and client communication. Please send a resume for future review.
Intern Wanted
Eager to Learn

Our Philosophy

When you work with a typical marketing agency or very large firm, you're often seduced by a savvy salesperson, passed on to an impersonal account rep, and then handed off to an overwhelmed project manager. That may be the way it’s done in some places, but that’s not the way Eternity does it. At Eternity, we develop websites and relationships. The people you meet here are the very same people who are actually doing the work, getting to know you and designing your website from scratch.

Founded in 2000

Eternity has been crafting astonishing, innovative, and compelling websites for over 18 years! Like our websites, we built our business from the ground up right here in the picturesque Green Mountains of Vermont. In that time, the internet has taken off in wild new directions, and virtually every one of our clients is looking to capitalize on the power and expediency the internet provides. While the web is always changing, our mission has remained constant: to help our clients meet their goals using the most functional, state-of-the-art, and exciting tools available with a huge focus on ROI.

Open-Source Tools of the Trade

We build all of our websites on the open-source Content Management System (CMS) platform call MODX.

Our Experience

Years Online
Eternity was founded in 2000 by Mike Lannen and been growing rapidly ever since.
Projects Launched
Over 750 web design and development projects have been completed.
Local Crew
Our entire crew is located in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. Who you see, is who you get.
Mobile Responsive
Every project is carefully crafted to work beautifully on all devices.

We Proudly Put Our Reputation On Display 

We devote ourselves to crafting long-lasting relationships with all of our clients and we proudly display our reviews. Feel free to read through them all on Google and Facebook and throughout our Portfolio.

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